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Boy, That Escalated Quickly

Technical Stakes in the Ground Now that I had begun a side project building an app to search secondary ticket markets for sports tickets, I had to come up with a plan. This started as a project to enhance my development skillset, so the first priority was to learn some new technology.  And because I would only be working on it part time, I had to allow for slow pace and the need to be efficient with the time I

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A Side Project for a Sports Fan


What’s a Side Project? As a software developer, working on side projects is an essential practice for maintaining a relevant skillset.  Spend a year or two with your head down working only with your core skills and you can look up to find that you have fallen behind in the job market. You have to find the time to experiment with new technologies in more than just a superficial way.  If you use them to build something functional, then you

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